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Understanding the difference between NVR vs DVR will help to get a better decision on what security system suits your requirements and feasibility as it involves certain camera wiring.

nvr vs dvr

Security NVR and DVR recorders are responsible for video recording. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. These two types of camera recorders differentiate how they process data.

How does the DVR vs NVR process the data?

DVR recorder processes the video data at the recorder. In contrast, NVR processes the data at the camera, which transmits that to the NVR recorder, used for footage storage and online viewing. DVR and NVR systems handle the video data differently, working with different types of cameras. NVRs require IP digital cameras that can take not only video but audio as well. In contrast, a DVR requires analog cameras. It’s vital to mention that a security camera DVR system is wired, whereas NVR systems can be a wired or wireless system.

But Camius DVRs of the Trivaut series work not only with analog but IP cameras well by supporting an XVR mode.

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