What is RTPS and how to setup Camius RTSP IP Camera, NVR, DVR stream?

The RTSP protocol stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol. RTSP lets you view a live video stream from your camera on various devices and programs. For example, a camera feed can be pulled from an NVR to a viewing software (e.g., Blue Iris).

When it comes to NVR cameras, they play a crucial role in managing and recording video footage from multiple IP cameras. NVRs act as the central hub for storing and accessing video recordings, providing a convenient and efficient solution for surveillance systems.

How you can set up an RTSP IP camera, DVR or NVR stream

Camius offers  high-quality IP cameras, NVR and DVR recorders that are compatible with RTSP streaming. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Camius IP camera, NVR, or DVR to your network using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection.

  2. Access the device’s settings interface via web browser. If you have Camius DVR or NVR recorder then you also have access to their local HDMI interface using a monitor.

  3. Once you’re in the settings interface, navigate to the network settings section. Look for the RTSP settings or port configuration options.

  4. Enable the RTSP protocol by checking the appropriate box or toggle switch. This allows the device to transmit video streams using the RTSP protocol.

  5. Specify the RTSP port number. By default, the RTSP port is usually set to 554, but you can choose a different port if desired. Make sure to note down the port number for future reference.

  6. Save the settings and exit the configuration interface. The device will apply the changes and restart if necessary.

Configuring Camius RTSP port IP camera, NVR, or DVR settings

The RTSP stream usually works with VLC. Below is the RTSP IP camera URL format: rtsp://IP:RtspPort/ch01/A 

  • A: 0(Mainstream), 1(Substream), 2(Mobile Stream)

For example, rtsp://

  • is the IP address
  • 554 is the RTSP port
  • ch01 is the channel number
  • 0 is for the mainstream

The below example is based on accessing the Camius NVR using a web browser:

First, click on the Remote Setting tab, followed by IP Channels.

Click on the Screen Shot 2022 12 08 at 10.46.40 PM icon in the Edit column of the camera (channel) you need to configure the RTSP stream (Picture 1)

RTSP 1st step
Picture 1

In the Edit Link Connection window, change the Mode from Automatic to Manual (Picture 2)

RTSP change mode
Picture 2

Then click on the Protocol tab to select RTSP (Picture 3)

select RTSP protocol
Picture 3

When the RTSP protocol is selected, the prompt will show the camera’s Mainstream and Substream URLs.

Fill in the IP Camera’s RTSP address in the Mainstream and Substream URL (Picture 4). Then, click OK to save the settings.

RTSP fill the URL
Picture 4

By following these steps, you can successfully configure Camius RTSP port IP camera, NVR, or DVR settings and enjoy seamless streaming of your surveillance video feeds.