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What is a PoE camera?

what is a poe camera

A PoE camera is an IP camera using power-over-ethernet to power up.

Power over Ethernet, PoE for short, is a way to power a PoE IP camera with an Ethernet cable, giving the IP camera direct network access. Besides stable network connection, PoE makes camera installation easier by requiring a single wire.

You’d need a single network cable (including Cat wire, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7, Cat7e) for power and network connections. If you are using an IP security camera as a standalone,  just wire it to a PoE switch to send power over the ethernet cord. Using a regular network switch will get only a network connection and no power. Then the camera would require a power adaptor.

It is essential to have stable network connectivity for your Poe IP camera system.  Unlike wireless camera connections, Power-over-ethernet ensures your IP cameras are always connected. It allows your PoE camera to reliably send video files to your NVR; direct-wired connections can be faster than wireless ones.

By using only one cable, PoE cameras make the installation process more manageable. Power over Ethernet technology gives more flexibility in camera placement, preventing expensive electrical work to install a power outlet next to the IP camera.

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