8 4K Dome Surveillance Cameras for Business with 16 Channel 4K NVR – 4TB HDD

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This bundle includes a Camius 16 channel network video recorder with 4TB hard drive and 8 4K surveillance cameras for business that offer smart motion, sound, human, vehicle detection, and compatibility with web browsers, desktops and smartphone devices

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Looking for a reliable and high-quality solution with surveillance cameras for business and commercial security?

Look no further than this Camius bundle. It includes a Camius 16 channel network video recorder with a 4TB hard drive (IPVAULT2256PR) and 8 Camius 4K PoE dome cameras (IRIS8R). You can add 8 more PoE cameras to this bundle for a complete 16 camera  system.

Camius NVR network video recorders

Powerful 16 Channel NVR

The Camius IPVAULT2256PR is a powerful and versatile network video recorder that can support up to 16 IP cameras with up to 8 MP resolution each. It has a built-in 16 port PoE switch that can provide power and data transmission to the connected cameras. It also has an HDMI and VGA output for local display, and even a video output for the Spot monitor to call certain cameras. The NVR has a pre-installed 4TB hard drive that can store up to 30 days of continuous recording. You can also expand the storage capacity up to 42TB by adding more hard drives. The NVR supports H.265+ video compression, which reduces the bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 50%. You can also customize the recording settings, such as resolution, frame rate, bit rate, motion, sound, AI detection, schedule, etc.


4K Ethernet Powered Security Camera for Commercial Retail Locations

This camera has a high-resolution sensor that delivers clear and detailed images at 3840 x 2160 pixels. It also has a wide-angle lens that covers 110 degrees of your store. With its infrared LEDs, you can see up to 100 feet in the dark. The camera is made of durable metal that can withstand harsh weather and vandalism. It also has smart features that let you customize the image quality and security settings. The Camius IRIS8R is widely selected as a security camera for commercial retail including stores, hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, etc.

Camius stands out as a pioneering brand that has embraced AI technology in IP cameras and security camera systems

4K NVR Camera System with Remote Access

You can monitor your business remotely using the free Camius app and NVR desktop software. The Camius NVR camera system is web browser-compatible. You can access the security system remotely using a peer-to-peer connection or setup an easy-to-remember hostname using the DDNS server. You can view live video, playback recorded footage, receive alerts, take snapshots, record videos, etc. This Camius bundle is a complete and cost-effective solution for businesses. It offers you peace of mind and protection for your business and commercial premises.

Mac apps A 650 350

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