Why to Upgrade Security Camera System to 4K Camius

Having a security camera system is a smart idea, but ones that are old might not cut it anymore. Camius security camera system can really help protect your home or business better than old ones. Stuff is always changing, so your camera setup probably needs updating too. Upgrading is important whether you live in a house or own a business.

Upgrading your security setup is super important! Here are some big reasons why you really need to improve your old cameras:

BETTER PICTURES – Camius cameras have super HD 2K and ultra HD 4K video so you can actually see what’s happening. If your current ones are fuzzy, you might not be able to ID bad guys later.

RECORD MORE – Camius security systems can save footage for a really long time and without asking you for subscription fees like many cloud based services. This means you always have proof even if something happens weeks later!

NIGHT VISION – Camius cameras now have awesome night mode so you’ll be protected day and night. You can choose color mode if it fits your environment. Each installation is different and you have to take into consideration distance, lighting, trees around, etc.

EASY TO USE – Camius setups are very simple to work. You can control your cameras from any device whether it is a TV monitor hooked up to your analog CCTV or IP camera DVR recorder, or your laptop or a mobile phone, tablet.

KEEP UP WITH TECH – Criminals are always finding new ways to cause trouble. You need cameras that can keep up with their tricks instead of being easy to outsmart.

STAY SAFE – The best security is up-to-date security. Don’t take chances protecting your home, business or employees with outdated equipment that might not do the job right. We, in Camius, make sure to update the software of our devices, improving features and functionality.

Feel better knowing what’s up? Upgrade that old security system ASAP before there’s a problem! 

The Coexistence of Analog and Digital: A Hybrid Approach to Cameras For The Home Security or Business Surveillance

In the ever-evolving landscape of surveillance cameras for the home security and business, the rise of digital IP camera systems has been undeniable. However, it is important to acknowledge that analog security cameras are not obsolete, as they continue to serve a vital role in many homes and businesses. The cost and feasibility of running new wires can be a significant barrier for some, making it impractical to fully transition to digital systems. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows for the integration of new technology while leveraging existing coaxial wiring. Camius hybrid DVR recorders and analog 4K cameras provide a seamless transition, offering the best of both worlds.


The Limitations of Full Digital Migration

While digital IP camera systems offer numerous benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, customizable and enhance image quality control, and advanced analytics, the reality is that not everyone can afford the expenses associated with running new wires. In some cases, it may be physically unfeasible or impractical to install new cabling throughout a property. This poses a challenge for those who already have coaxial wiring in place and are unable to fully embrace the digital revolution.

The Hybrid Solution: Camius Hybrid DVR Recorders

To bridge the gap between analog and digital, Camius offers hybrid DVR security camera systems that allow for the integration of both analog and IP cameras. This innovative solution enables homeowners and businesses to upgrade their outdated or non-working CCTV DVR boxes while still utilizing their existing coaxial wiring infrastructure. By replacing the old DVR recording box with a Camius hybrid DVR, users can enjoy the benefits of digital technology without the need to run new wires, keeping coaxial wires in place.

Analog 4K Cameras: The Power of Clarity

Camius analog 4K security cameras are designed to deliver exceptional image quality, rivaling that of digital IP cameras. With their high-resolution capabilities, these cameras provide crystal-clear footage, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. Whether it’s monitoring indoor spaces or securing outdoor areas, Camius analog 4K close circuit cameras offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for those who prefer to leverage their existing coaxial wiring.

Flexibility to Add Digital IP Cameras

One of the standout features of Camius hybrid DVR recorders is the ability to incorporate digital IP cameras into the existing system. This flexibility allows users to gradually transition to digital technology without the need for extensive rewiring. By adding digital IP cameras to the same recorder, users can enhance their surveillance capabilities and take advantage of features such as remote accessibility and advanced analytics.

The Benefits of Hybrid Home and Business Security Cameras

The integration of analog and digital technologies through Camius hybrid DVR recorders offers several advantages for home and business owners:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

By utilizing existing coaxial wiring, the cost of running new wires is eliminated, making the transition to digital more affordable and accessible. This is especially beneficial for those who have already invested in a coaxial infrastructure and want to upgrade their security system without incurring significant expenses.

2. Seamless Integration

Camius hybrid DVR recorders seamlessly integrate analog and digital home and business security cameras, allowing for a cohesive surveillance system. Users can monitor both analog and IP cameras from a single interface, simplifying the management and operation of the security system.

3. Enhanced Image Quality

With Camius analog 4K cameras, users can enjoy the benefits of high-resolution image quality, capturing clear and detailed footage. This ensures that critical details are captured accurately, enhancing the effectiveness of the surveillance system.

4. Future-Proofing

By incorporating digital IP cameras into the hybrid system, users can future-proof their security infrastructure. As technology continues to advance, the option to gradually transition to digital cameras provides flexibility and ensures compatibility with future advancements.

5. Remote Accessibility and Advanced Analytics

With Camius DVR recorders, users can take advantage of remote accessibility and advanced analytics features. This allows for real-time monitoring from anywhere and the ability to leverage intelligent video analysis for enhanced security measures. The DVR comes not only with a free windows PC and Mac software but web browser viewing and iOS and Android smartphone/tablet app (Camius View)

The Advantages of IP Camera Systems

IP camera systems offer a more stable and versatile solution for your security needs. With the ability to connect to various technologies and platforms, these modern IP cameras provide you with greater control and a wide range of useful options

High-Resolution Image Quality and Audio Capabilities

IP camera systems offer advanced features and functionalities that analog cameras simply cannot match. With high-resolution image quality control, you can capture clear and detailed footage, ensuring that every important detail is captured accurately. This level of clarity is essential when it comes to identifying individuals or incidents. Besides Camius IP cameras have a built-in microphone and some are with speakers offering you instant live video monitoring seamlessly synchronized with clear high quality audio, and recording

Camius offers versatile NVR recorders with high bitrate and storage

  • With each Camius Network Video Recorder, you get a reliable, easy-setup solution that brings out the best in Camius advanced IP cameras for business and home security.  Camius NVR is equipped with Power over Ethernet ports to power and record IP Cameras using a CAT5 Ethernet cable or higher, up to 328 ft in length.
  • The 4K Ultrahigh Definition output and Gigabit WAN port deliver unmatched quality and bandwidth, while the Camius View App and advanced VMS software give you the ability to live view, playback, and control your PoE NVR system remotely and securely.  Rest assured with 24/7 and motion video recording in addition to immediate notifications even while you’re away from the property Camius offers the latest 4K network video recorders with and without pre-installed surveillance hard drives


How to choose the best security cameras for house or business from a wide range of PoE cameras

Camius PoE camera range is comprehensive and meets various demands. Power over Ethernet technology, PoE for short, allows a PoE IP camera to power up with a network cable, giving the IP camera direct network access. Besides a stable network connection, PoE makes camera installation easier by requiring a single wire.

  • It is essential to have stable network connectivity for your PoE camera system.  Unlike wireless camera connections, Power-over-ethernet ensures your Camius IP camera systems are always connected. It allows your PoE camera to reliably send video files to your Camius NVR (network video recorder). It is also worthy of mentioning, direct-wired connections can be faster than wireless.
  • Most Camius IP cameras use the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard. By using only one cable, PoE cameras make the installation process more manageable. PoE technology gives more flexibility in camera placement, preventing expensive electrical work to install a power outlet next to the PoE camera.

Camius PoE cameras are available in various types, including dome and bullet with fixed wide-angle and motorized zoom varifocal lens, PTZ speed dome.

  • The latest Camius 4K floodlight security camera comes with the best detterent capabilities which include 2 way audio, a loud siren, bright lights, Smart motion and Sound detection and the latest AI Face, Human & Vehicle detection, Cross counting analysis
  • Our PoE security camera systems are globally used to monitor commercial and industrial locations, including and not limited to construction sites, warehouses, retail stores, banks, and offices. Easy plug-n-play setup and professional customer-oriented technical support made Camius one of the best PoE security camera systems for homes and installed in apartment complexes, private premises, and rental houses.
With a team of competent sales and technical support, Camius can help you not just learn about PoE cameras but select the best cameras for your home or business. 

Considerations for Installation of residential or business security cameras

It’s important to note that running network wires and utilizing PoE technology may not be feasible or practical for everyone. Factors such as the layout of your property, the distance between cameras and the recording device, and the availability of network infrastructure can impact the feasibility of installing a wired IP home and business security cameras.

If you have the ability to run network wires and utilize PoE technology, Camius highly recommends installing a wired digital IP camera system. This will provide you with the most stable and reliable solution, ensuring optimal performance and advanced features for your security needs.

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