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If your security camera system is old or otherwise outdated, then you should definitely think about upgrading your security cameras and recording system with modern solutions. 

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Upgrading your security system is essential, whether the system is for residential or business purposes. The following guide will help you understand why you need to upgrade your outdated security camera and recording system along with the best options for upgrading your system.


Why You Need to Upgrade Outdated Security Camera System

Why is it so important to upgrade your security system? The following are the most significant reasons why you need to upgrade your security camera and overall system as soon as possible.

  • Digital is replacing analog security systems: while some systems still use analog, analog systems are no longer as common due to advances in digital technology such as IP camera systems. Digital IP camera systems have benefits such as being more cost-effective, having higher data retention rates, and so on. Older analog systems are beginning to reach the end of their technology life and will likely be obsolete within the next decade.
  • IP camera systems have a more stable end result: when compared to previous old security system cameras, IP camera systems provide a much higher-end video result. This is due to features available in new security camera products, such as more advanced zoom options, automatic image stabilizing, and more. When it comes to providing security footage, you definitely want to ensure that your surveillance system is securing the highest end result possible. 
  • IP camera systems are modern technology: a modern technology solution comes with the unique ability to connect to other types of modern technology. Many modern IP camera solutions can be integrated with other platforms, allowing you greater control over the system and a range of other useful options. 

Camius offers multiple customized plug-n-play IP camera systems:

 IP Camera Solutions

When you’re ready to upgrade your security camera system and leave behind your outdated technology, you will want to consider what features or specifications meet your needs. The following are some popular IP camera solutions that you should consider.

  • IP Security Camera System Features: Do you need any additional security features aside from camera monitoring? Some surveillance audio-video products, like the PoE Spotlight Security Camera, offer broad features that include: 2-way audio capabilities, motion sensors, built-in microphone, speaker and even siren options, motion-activated bright spotlights; wide-angle lens for better coverage; color-based night vision; intrusion detection based on perimeter guidelines; and weatherproofing.
  • Wiring: Camius PoE security camera system requires a single network wire to run power, video, and even audio. Such simple wiring makes the whole installation hassle-free and straightforward.
  • Connectivity: You will also want to consider how easy it is to connect your new security camera to various security systems. The Camius PoE camera, for instance, comes with a unique “plug and play” connection which allows for quick, simple connections to the accompanying hybrid digital and network video recorder. 
  • Apps and Portability: Camius security camera system options come with the Camius View app (Camius View (iOS) & Camius View (Android)), which provides access to all of your Camius security camera system directly on your smartphone. If you purchase IP security cameras with 2-way audio, that feature is also accessible through your smartphone app; you can even navigate features such as spotlights and a siren from the app. You can set up your security system push notifications based on video loss, detection, storage error.

Camius 4K NVR solutions

With each Camius Network Video Recorder, you get a reliable easy-setup solution that brings out the best in Camius advanced IP cameras for business and home security. 
  • Camius NVR is equipped with Power over Ethernet ports to power and record IP Cameras using a CAT5 Ethernet cable or higher, up to 328 ft in length.
  • The 4K Ultrahigh Definition output and Gigabit WAN port deliver unmatched quality and bandwidth, while the Camius View App and advanced VMS software give you the ability to live view, playback, and control your PoE NVR system remotely and securely. 
  • Rest assured with 24/7 and motion video recording in addition to immediate notifications even while you’re away from the property
  • Camius offers the latest 4K network video recorders with and without pre-installed surveillance hard drives

Camius PoE security cameras

  • Camius PoE camera range is comprehensive and meets various demands. Power over Ethernet technology, PoE for short, allows a PoE IP camera to power up with a network cable, giving the IP camera direct network access. Besides a stable network connection, PoE makes camera installation easier by requiring a single wire.
  • It is essential to have stable network connectivity for your PoE camera system.  Unlike wireless camera connections, Power-over-ethernet ensures your Camius IP camera systems are always connected. It allows your PoE camera to reliably send video files to your Camius NVR (network video recorder). It is also worthy of mentioning, direct-wired connections can be faster than wireless.
  • Most Camius IP cameras use the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard. By using only one cable, PoE cameras make the installation process more manageable. PoE technology gives more flexibility in camera placement, preventing expensive electrical work to install a power outlet next to the PoE camera.
  • Camius PoE cameras are available in various types, including dome and bullet with fixed wide-angle and motorized zoom varifocal lens, PTZ speed dome.
  • The latest Camius 4K floodlight security camera comes with the best detterent capabilities which include 2 way audio, a loud siren, bright lights, Smart motion and Sound detection and the latest AI Face, Human & Vehicle detection, Cross counting analysis
  • Our PoE security camera systems are globally used to monitor commercial and industrial locations, including and not limited to construction sites, warehouses, retail stores, banks, and offices. Easy plug-n-play setup and professional customer-oriented technical support made Camius one of the best PoE security camera systems for homes and installed in apartment complexes, private premises, and rental houses.
With a team of competent sales and technical support, Camius can help you not just learn about PoE cameras but select the best cameras for your surveillance requirements. 
If your security camera system is outdated, make sure to upgrade to a newer security camera system as soon as possible. Feel free to contact Camius if you need help to select the right camera solution for your needs

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