How to use 2 way audio security cameras?​

How to use 2 way audio on security cameras?

How to use 2 way audio security cameras?

The feature of two way audio security cameras empowers users to both receive and transmit audio through their IP camera, adding an extra layer of interactivity and communication to the security setup.

Camius presents its cutting-edge 4K spotlight PoE cameras that come equipped with built-in high-quality microphones and speakers, eliminating the need for external attachments to enable the two-way audio function. For optimal performance, it is recommended to install Camius PoE cameras alongside Camius PoE or Non PoE NVR recorders or Hybrid DVRs.


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The latest R series NVR and DVR recorders facilitate seamless control of Camius spotlight cameras, microphones, and speaker volumes directly from the NVR settings. Additionally, users can conveniently modify the audio encoding format per their requirements. To troubleshoot two-way audio, turn down the input volume and output volume and test switching audio code type (G711A and G711U).

Two factors can affect the audio quality: network and distance.

The recommended distance for the microphone to transmit quality sound is 9.5 to 16 feet.

To engage in two-way audio communication, the Camius View app is the go-to platform.

Here's a simple guide to using the 2 way audio security cameras feature:

  1. Select the camera with which you wish to communicate.
  2. Initiate the 2 way audio communication by tapping on the microphone icon. There’s no need to hold down the icon while talking.
  3. When you’re done, simply tap the ‘End Call’ red button to conclude the conversation.

It’s important to note that the two-way audio experience with Camius security cameras is characterized by live bidirectional communication and not an intercom-type function.

In most scenarios, the mute function is enabled by default. By enabling audio, users can record audio from the microphone of their security camera. To listen to the recorded audio, whether in live mode or during playback, it is necessary to open the individual channel in full screen on which the audio-enabled security camera is operating. This applies to both NVR and app usage.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution while utilizing surveillance audio, as its usage might be restricted or subject to regulations depending on the location. Always ensure to verify with local authorities on the proper and legal use of security cameras with audio to avoid infringing upon privacy laws. Unauthorized audio recording can be considered illegal in certain jurisdictions. Hence, Camius emphasizes the significance of complying with local laws and assumes no liability for the misuse of its surveillance cameras that do not align with the respective regulations.