Four 4K Analog Security Cameras with Hybrid 8 Channel DVR Recorder, 3TB HDDFour 4K Analog Security Cameras with Hybrid 8 Channel DVR Recorder, 3TB HDD
4K 8 Channel DVR Security System with 4 Outdoor Cameras, AI Detection I 3TB HDD
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4K 8 Channel DVR Security System with 4 Outdoor Cameras, AI Detection I 3TB HDD


The Camius security system bundle with four 4K analog security cameras, a 4K 8 Channel DVR, and a pre-installed 3TB hard drive is an excellent value upgrade for your old CCTV system with coaxial wiring. Replace cameras and a DVR recorder; you get the latest technology with ultra HD video and remote access from your handheld device. Camius DVR security system offers smart motion, sound, and video tampering detection and AI human, vehicle, and perimeter intrusion detection features. The DVR system can be easily scaled to 8 analog and 4 IP cameras.

What’s in the box:

  • 8 Channel DVR 3TB HDD (TRIVAULT4K184R2 3TB HDD)
  • 4 x 4K analog bullet camera (FB4KAOC)
  • DVR power supply, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, USB mouse, Security Camera System Installation Guide, Tech support info

Note: This DVR bundle doesn’t include cables or a power supply, which can be purchased separately

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Transform your old CCTV system with the advanced Camius security bundle! Our bundle includes four 4K analog security cameras, a 4K 8 Channel DVR, and a pre-installed 3TB hard drive. Upgrade to the latest technology with ultra HD video and effortless remote access from your handheld device. The DVR camera system features intelligent modes such as sound detection, video tampering, and even AI detection, including human and vehicle detection and perimeter security detection for perimeter intrusion and line crossing.

trivault4k184r2 connection diagramm 1 2

Expand your system by replacing your old cameras with Camius 4K analog security cameras, or enhance it with Camius IP cameras for AI features. Keep a watchful eye on your property from anywhere, anytime, with the Camius View app, on your PC or Mac.

Advanced DVR Camera System that works with IP cameras

This DVR is bundled with four ultra HD analog security cameras, and you can expand the DVR system even further by adding 8 cameras including 4 IP. To enable audio with analog cameras, add to the cart Camius BNC audio video power cable and follow this guide.

By replacing their old analog cameras and recorder with the advanced Camius 4K outdoor cameras and an 8 Channel Surveillance DVR, users can benefit from the latest technology, including ultra HD video and remote access from their handheld devices. This means they can monitor their properties from anywhere worldwide, offering unparalleled peace of mind and convenience.

Camius DVR and Camera connection diagramm e1676497137883

8 Channel DVR with 4K live view and versatile recording modes

The security system includes a preinstalled 3TB hard drive and commences recording right after setup. However, the hard drive can be upgraded to 10TB. It’s important to note that the 8-channel surveillance DVR is compatible with a single internal 3.5″ SATA or 2.5″, SSD hard drive disk.

Users can record footage 24/7, customize their schedule and select motion detection triggers. In addition, the system supports PIR detection triggered recording when users incorporate 4K spotlight security cameras. More IP cameras are available for purchase here for those interested in expanding their system.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 record schedule

Save security DVR recorder storage space with the latest H.265 compression.

To optimize video clarity, hard disk usage, and network bandwidth, selecting the right video compression is crucial when choosing a security system. That’s where Camius 8 channel surveillance DVR comes in, supporting the latest H.265 compression standard, considered the best in the market.

Compared to H.264, an H.265 stream provides higher video quality with the same settings. Moreover, H.265 reduces the file size, requiring less bandwidth to transfer high-quality video streams. This reduced file size translates into longer recording durations on the hard disk, making it a smart choice for those who want to save on storage space.

TRIVAUTL4K184R2 mainstream 10fps 4K
The DVR records 4K analog cameras video at 10 frames and IP cameras up to 30 frames

4K Surveillance DVR with 3 video outputs

The Camius 4K 8 Channel DVR has 3 video outputs that allow you to connect a monitor or TV for live viewing. It includes a 4K HDMI output with a video resolution of 3840×2160, a VGA output that supports 1080P video (1920×1080), and a CVBS (or BNC) output for a Spot-out monitor to call out specific cameras (click here for the how-to guide). Select the output resolution that matches your monitor during the setup process to ensure the best resolution. The DVR will automatically adjust the output resolution to match the optimal resolution of your monitor at system startup. You can refer to the provided guidelines for adjusting your monitor’s resolution.

4K184R2 video inouts 1000 e1676090745514

Installation of Indoor Outdoor BNC Camera Made Easy with Rigid Metal IP66-Rated Casings

Installing security cameras for your home or business is easy with the Camius bullet cameras. The rigid metal IP66-rated casing ensures your cameras are protected and reliable for indoor and outdoor use. Installing bullet cameras is a breeze, mainly when mounted on a wall with the camera tip protecting against harsh weather conditions and glare. For indoor installation, such as in a corridor, mounting the camera on the ceiling is recommended. Thanks to its handle or bracket, the bullet camera can easily rotate and swivel, making it simple to adjust the angle of view. Trust in the durability and versatility of bullet cameras for your security needs.

Weatherproof Security Camera by Camius​

Capture Fine Details with Camius 4K Analog Security Cameras' Wide Coverage

When it comes to securing your property, every detail counts. The Camius 8 Megapixels analog security cameras are a top choice for many homeowners and business owners. With a fixed 3.6 mm lens, these cameras can capture footage with wide 91-degree coverage, ensuring that even the smallest details are captured. While bullet cameras with a more extended range are ideal for open areas such as parking lots and large warehouses, the Camius 4K camera is perfect for narrow spaces like door entrances and stairways. 

TRIVAULT4K184R analog image control

Advanced features you get with upgrading your old system to Camius

  • You can record to your cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive). Follow this guide on how to set up recording to the cloud
  • Camius 4K Security DVR Recorder offers Intelligent Detection and Analysis with Camius 4K analog and IP PoE cameras!
  • The DVR supports various recording modes, continuous and triggered by motion detection or scheduled based.
  • Users can use the Smart search feature to look for certain footage using date, time, and other criteria.
  • Widely used not just for home monitoring but as a camera system for business, thanks to the Users Management feature. With the latest update, you can add up to 30 users to your system. The security system administrator can give multiple users different authority levels, allowing and blocking access to certain features.
  • You can view your system live in 4K resolution on a 4K video monitor connected to the DVR. But the system will also work with lower-resolution monitors.
NVR recording to the cloud

Smart Motion, Intelligent Sound, and Video Tampering Detection

Our 4K Security DVR Recorder is compatible with Camius 4K analog and IP PoE cameras, providing smart motion sound and AI detection for optimal property security. Expand your system by adding Camius Spotlight security cameras to control PIR detection and deterrent settings like lights and sirens. With advanced audio and video compression, you can store footage for extended periods of time.

You can enable Smart Motion Detection to trigger recording video based on sensitivity to movement. Moreover, Camius DVRs allow you to select the target between motion, vehicle, pedestrian, or vehicle & pedestrian. 
Smart Motion Detection activated with Camius Analog and IP cameras
TRIVAULT4K184R2 Intelligent sound detection alarm
Sound Detection in Intelligent mode activated with Camius Analog and IP cameras as well

Stay Alert with AI Human & Vehicle Detection and Perimeter Intrusion Line Crossing Detection

Upgrade your security surveillance with the latest AI technology – the Camius AI detection system. With human and vehicle detection capabilities, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive notifications and recordings if anyone or any car arrives on your property. Plus, with the Perimeter Intrusion Line Crossing Detection in AI mode, you can be alerted if someone crosses a virtual boundary on your property. Best of all, you can enable one of the AI functions for each analog and IP channel, ensuring complete coverage of your property. 

Check the Switch box to enable AI detection
DVR Software

Camius security systems offer more than just the traditional HDMI monitor and smartphone app monitoring methods. With the free DVR software, you can transform any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. This software allows you to monitor live video and audio streams, playback footage, and manage cameras with access to device settings—all from the comfort of your computer.

VMS pro 4 cameras
Web Browser compatible DVR

You can access, view, and modify your DVR camera system settings using a web browser. More information is available at this link

Camius DVR with browser access
Monitor Your Security Cameras Anytime, Anywhere with Camius View Smartphone App

Keep an eye on your property on the go with the Camius View smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android. Access your security cameras anytime, link them to the app for 1-way audio, and enjoy 2-way audio with supported Camius IP cameras. Expand your monitoring capabilities by adding Camius IP cameras to your hybrid DVR system. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation, Camius View provides complete access to your cameras from your smartphone. Download the app from the links below and follow our how-to guide for easy setup:

Camius View is the smartphone app to view & control your DVR, NVR, and IP security cameras for home and business - what is IP camera
124KR4B whats in the
  • 1 x 8 Channel DVR 3TB HDD (TRIVAULT4K184R2 3TB HDD)
  • 4 x 4K analog security camera (FB4KAOC)
  • 1 x DVR power supply, HDMI cable, ethernet cable, USB mouse, Installation Guide

Note: This DVR bundle doesn’t include cables or a power supply, which can be purchased separately

Additional information

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 5 in
Bundled Camera Type

(4) 4K Bullet Analog Cameras

Recorder Video Analysis

Intelligent Sound Detection, Video Tamperring; AI Human & Vehicle, Perimeter Intrusion, Line Crossing Detection

Pre-Installed Storage


Recorder Cloud Storage

Dropbox or Google Drive

Camera Type


Camera Lens


Night Vision


Camera Power


Camera Weatherproof IP Rating

IP66 water and dust proof

Camera Resolution

8MP (3840 x 2160)

Camera Shape


Browser Access


Android App

Camius View

iOS App

Camius View

Mac Software


PC Software


Cables Included