Four 4K Analog Security Cameras with Hybrid 8 Channel DVR Recorder, 3TB HDDFour 4K Analog Security Cameras with Hybrid 8 Channel DVR Recorder, 3TB HDD
4K 8 Channel DVR Security System with 4 Outdoor BNC Cameras, AI Detection, 3TB HDD
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4K 8 Channel DVR Security System with 4 Outdoor BNC Cameras, AI Detection, 3TB HDD


Camius security system bundle with four 4K analog security cameras, 4K 8 Channel DVR, and a pre-installed 3TB hard drive is an excellent value upgrade for your old CCTV system with coaxial wiring. Replace cameras and a DVR recorder; you get the latest technology with ultra HD video and remote access from your handheld device. Camius DVR security system offers Smart Motion, Sound, and Video tampering detection in Intelligent mode and AI features. The DVR system can be easily scaled to 8 analog and 4 IP cameras.

What’s in the box:

  • 8 Channel DVR 3TB HDD (TRIVAULT4K184R2 3TB HDD)
  • 4 x 4K analog bullet camera (FB4KAOC)
  • DVR power supply, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, USB mouse, Security Camera System Installation Guide, Tech support info

Note: This DVR bundle doesn’t include cables or a power supply, which can be purchased separately

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Transform your old CCTV system with the advanced Camius security bundle! Our bundle includes four 4K analog security cameras, a 4K 8 Channel DVR, and a pre-installed 3TB hard drive. Upgrade to the latest technology with ultra HD video and effortless remote access from your handheld device. The DVR camera system features intelligent modes such as sound detection, video tampering, and even AI detection, including human and vehicle detection and perimeter security detection for perimeter intrusion and line crossing.

Expand your system by replacing your old cameras with Camius 4K analog security cameras, or enhance it with Camius IP cameras for AI features. Keep a watchful eye on your property from anywhere, anytime, with the Camius View app and PC or Mac.

trivault4k184r2 connection diagramm 1 1

An expandable hybrid DVR security system:

You can add up to 8 Camius 4K analog cameras over coax and 4 IP digital cameras over the network using network cables such as Cat5E, Cat6, etc. You’d need to use a PoE network switch to add IP cameras.

Camius DVR and Camera connection diagramm


4K live view & recording

You can view your system live in 4K resolution on a 4K video monitor connected to the DVR using an HDMI video output. But the system will also work with lower-resolution monitors. Follow the instructions on how to adjust the monitor’s resolution.

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4K Recording

Our security system comes with a preinstalled 3TB hard drive, so you can start recording immediately after setting it up. You can upgrade the hard drive to 10 TB if you need more storage. The DVR recorder can only hold one internal 3.5″ SATA or 2.5″ SSD hard drive disk.

You can record all day, every day, or set a specific schedule. The system also has smart motion detection, so you can choose only to record when movement is detected. The system defaults to record 24/7, showing green on your screen (Normal mode). If you add 4K spotlight security cameras, you can enable PIR-triggered recording.


Save storage space with the latest H.265 compression.

Video compression is essential when choosing a security system; it determines video clarity, hard disk usage, and network bandwidth. Camius DVRs support H.265, considered the best video compression standard to optimize all three areas. The video quality of an H.265 stream is higher than that of an H.264 with the same settings. Using H.265 reduces the file size, requiring less bandwidth to transfer a higher-quality stream. The reduced file size means a longer recording duration on the hard disk.


Indoor and outdoor camera Installation

The rigid metal IP66-rated casing keeps security cameras safe and reliable. Camius 4K analog cameras bundled with the DVR are easy to install. Mainly they are installed on the wall. The bullet camera tip on the casing protects the cameras from the weather (water, dust) and glare, making them perfect for outdoor use. Usually, a bullet camera is installed on the wall outdoors. If you are installing it indoors (e.g., in the corridor), it is best to mount it on the ceiling. The bullet camera’s handle (or bracket) rotates and swivels, allowing you to change your angle easily. 

Wide Coverage

Camius FB4KAOC analog security cameras have a fixed 3.6 mm lens delivering 91 degrees coverage, allowing the camera to capture fine details footage. On the other hand, bullet cameras with extended ranges are more suitable for viewing open areas like backyards, parking lots, and large warehouses but narrow spaces such as door entrances, stairways, etc. 

TRIVAULT4K184R analog image control 1

User Management

Easily manage multiple users with the updated User Management feature, perfect for home monitoring and business camera systems. The security administrator can assign different levels of authority, ensuring secure access to the right features for each user. Follow these instructions on how to add a user.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 multi user 32

TRIVAULT4K184R2 user permissions edit

Video Tampering Detection in Intelligent Mode

This DVR camera system offers advanced Video Tampering technology with Camius 4K analog security camera. Video Tampering ensures that you’ll be notified if someone tries to cover or obstruct your camera view. With Camius Analog security cameras, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected against any unwanted intrusion.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 intelligent video tampering alarm switch FB4KAOC 1

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Stay alert and always know what’s going on with the help of Sound Detection

Since Camius 4K BNC camera has a built-in microphone, you can enable Sound Detection. This feature keeps you informed of any fluctuations in sound levels in the monitored environment. Enable the sound detection function by checking the appropriate analog channel box and adjusting the sound detection and alarm settings to your preference. To get started, ensure audio is enabled on your Camius analog camera, which also requires using a Camius video power audio cable (follow the instructions provided).

Sound Detection can also be activated for any Camius IP camera for even greater surveillance coverage, which you can easily add when needed, as Camius hybrid DVRs are optimized for Camius PoE cameras.

Camius 4K dvr with sound detection

TRIVAULT4K184R2 Intelligent sound detection alarm

Unleash the Power of Advanced Surveillance with Camius AI Detection

Say goodbye to traditional video motion detection and hello to cutting-edge AI analysis. Only Camius 4K DVR security systems provide unparalleled security, allowing you to create custom zones to detect movement patterns, locations, and more. You can activate AI detection with just one click by ticking the checkbox to receive precise reports and analytics. The best part? Our advanced DVR system will instantly trigger recording, email, push notifications, and recording to Dropbox or Google Drive, so you always stay informed. Plus, you can watch recorded videos with a special color and tag. 

You can activate Human & Vehicle (PD & VD) or Perimeter Intrusion (PID) with Line Crossing (LCD) for Camius 4K smart analog security cameras by ticking the switch box. When you add Camius IP cameras to the DVR system, you can activate AI detection with them.

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DVR NVR software

Camius security systems go beyond the HDMI monitor and smartphone app. The free DVR software can turn any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. Users can monitor live video and audio streams in addition to playback and manage cameras with access to device settings. This software is excellent for multiple installations as it combines cameras connected to a Camius DVR and individual Camius cameras on one screen. Follow the instructions on how to add the Camius DVR to the software.

Best Camius NVR software for Windows and Mac to control up to 128 cameras

Camius View App

The Smartphone Security Camera App Camius View offers complete access to your cameras from any location. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android App stores and is ready to link to your security cameras. You can use your smartphone security camera App to view and playback any Camius security camera. Click here to see the range of Camius IP cameras, which you can add to your hybrid DVR (XVR) system.

Click here for the steps to add the security DVR to your smartphone camera app.

You can control your Camius DVR from your smartphone app.

camius view configuration

What’s in the box:

Note: This DVR bundle doesn’t include cables or a power supply, which can be purchased separately

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Additional information

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions18 × 13 × 11 in
Security System Bundle


Recorder Channels

8 Analog + 4 IP

Bundled Camera Number


Bundled Camera Type

(4) 4K Bullet Analog Cameras

Recorder Video Analysis

Intelligent Sound Detection, Video Tamperring; AI Human & Vehicle, Perimeter Intrusion, Line Crossing Detection

Pre-Installed Storage


Recorder Cloud Storage

Dropbox or Google Drive

Camera Type


Camera Lens

3.6mm (horizontal: 91.46°, vertical: 46.11°, diagonal: 109.82°)

Camera Infrared Night Vision


Camera Power


Camera Weatherproof IP Rating

IP66 water and dust proof

Camera Resolution

8MP (3840 x 2160)

Camera Shape


Browser Access


Android App

Camius View

iOS App

Camius View

Mac Software


PC Software


Cables Included