Camius Professional 4K 16CH PoE NVR Recorder NVR with 8TB HDD I IPVault2256PRCamius Professional 4K 16CH PoE NVR Recorder NVR with 8TB HDD I IPVault2256PR
Professional 4K 16CH PoE NVR Recorder NVR with 8TB HDD I IPVault2256PR
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Professional 4K 16CH PoE NVR Recorder NVR with 8TB HDD I IPVault2256PR



The Camius IPVAULT2256PR is a Plug-N-Play PoE NVR recorder that provides a comprehensive solution for IP camera surveillance. It features 16 PoE ports that allow centralized recording and remote access to your IP security cameras, as well as 2 internal SATA ports and one e-SATA to add an external hard drive. With a total of 30TB capacity hard drives, the IPVAULT2256PR can provide weeks or months of recording. This network video recorder supports ultra HD 4K, 2K, and full HD 1080p resolutions for real-time audio and video recording. With built-in P2P technology or DDNS, it can connect to the mobile phone app and software remotely. Additionally, motion and sound-activated and triggered AI detection-activated recording, notifications via email or push from the Camius security network video recorder can be received.

What’s in the box:

  • 16 channel NVR with pre-installed two 4TB hard drives (IPVAULT2256PR 8TB HDD)
  • Power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • Network cable
  • USB mouse
  • Installation guide

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Transform Your Surveillance with the Camius Best PoE NVR Recorder

Say goodbye to complicated installations and limited functionality. Camius PoE NVR recorder is designed with businesses and prosumers in mind. The 16 Channel NVR offers an effortless setup, allowing you to connect your Camius PoE cameras with a single network cable that delivers power, audio, and video. Whether you use Cat5, Cat6, or a higher network wire, the Camius NVR automatically assigns an IP address to each camera, simplifying the installation process.

Advanced 4K 16 Camera NVR with 16 PoE Ports, 2 SATA HDD, e-SATA (only recorder)

Experience the convenience of  PoE technology

Enjoy hassle-free installation with a single Cat5e (or higher-end Cat6 or Cat7) ethernet cable. Our NVRs support stunning ultra HD 4K, 2K, and full HD 1080p video resolution and provide real-time audio and video recording capabilities.

IPVAULT2256PR Connection diagramm e1676829558770

Our NVRs support ultra HD 4K, 2K, full HD 1080p video resolution, and real-time audio and video surveillance camera recording.

Stay connected and informed with the built-in P2P (peer-to-peer) technology or DDNS and watch live footage or playback recordings from your mobile phone app or software, no matter where you are. Receive intelligent push notifications or emails for motion-activated events and have peace of mind knowing your security is always at your fingertips. 

16 Channel NVR with high bandwidth

  • 4K NVR allows adding up to 16 PoE audio and video surveillance cameras with an advanced menu

VID 20220825 10.19.41 e1672437339244

  • The security NVR supports high bandwidth up to 256 Mbps (megabits per second)
  • H.264 and H.265 video compression



IPVAULT2256PR encoding audio 6 cameras

Camius 16CH NVR  is The Ultimate Solution for 16 Camera System

With seamless integration of 16 Camius PoE cameras, this NVR system is designed to unleash the full power of 16 camera surveillance with its smart motion, sound, and AI detection. The Camius 16CH NVR has built-in 16 power over ethernet RJ45 ports, allowing easy plug-and-play installation. And if you want to add IP cameras from other brands, install them with an external PoE network switch. With the Camius NVR, you can enjoy unparalleled surveillance coverage, whether it’s for your home, office, store, restaurant, or other commercial properties. 

Plug-N-Play PoE NVR Recorder

Say goodbye to complicated installations and limited functionality. Camius PoE NVR Recorder is designed with businesses and prosumers in mind. The NVR Recorder offers an effortless setup, allowing you to connect your Camius PoE cameras with a single network cable that delivers power, audio, and video. Whether you use Cat5, Cat6, or a higher network wire, the Camius NVR automatically assigns an IP address to each camera, simplifying the installation process.

Experience Unmatched IP camera Compatibility with Camius 4K NVR

The Camius NVR system is a powerful and flexible video security solution designed to meet the needs of businesses and homeowners alike. With its support for up to 16 Camius PoE cameras, this system offers users a comprehensive view of their property, inside and out. The built-in 16 Ports LAN interface also makes installation a breeze, allowing users to quickly and easily plug in their Camius IP cameras and start with their audio-video security system. Additionally, this NVR system is compatible with other manufacturers’ IP cameras, which can be installed using an external PoE network switch or a PoE injector (follow this guide on adding IP cameras connected to an external switch); non-Camius IP cameras function may be limited to basic features such as video stream, motion detection.

With its robust features and capabilities, the Camius NVR system is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their video security and surveillance capabilities.

Camius NVRs are optimized for Camius IP cameras that include just a plug-n-play setup, audio & video recording, intelligent and AI functions, IP cameras maintenance, etc.

Camius Cameras slide 1279 by 399 pixels slide 1

16 Channel NVR with upgradable storage 

With Camius NVR Recorder, you can store up to 30 Terabytes of footage with two internal SATA hard drives and an external eSata port for external storage. The NVR also offers storage options such as FTP or Cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive). The Camius NVR Recorder offers a dedicated section, SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), to keep you updated on the health of your hard drives. Upgrade your surveillance system with the Camius Plug-N-Play PoE NVR Recorder and experience the advantage of reliable, effortless, and advanced technology.

If you add a hard drive or upgrade the existing one, follow this guide

IPVAULT2320P16N HARD DRIVES 970 600 e1637099033565

Display Video Outputs

Camius 16 Channel NVR (network video recorder) comes with 3 video outputs to add a monitor/TV for live view

  • 1 x HDMI (HDMI2) output for the primary monitor, which supports 4K video (3840×2160)
  • 1 x HDMI (HDMI2) video output for a secondary monitor that supports 1080P display resolution
  • 1 x VGA output

Camius HDTV screen 1000 1000

Choose an output resolution that matches your monitor

The NVR should adjust the output resolution automatically to match the best resolution of your monitor at the system startup. Please note that some legacy monitors could fail to communicate their acceptable resolution. In this case, please manually plug the NVR into a newer monitor and change the resolution to the lowest setting, then save and plug the older monitor back to see if it’s supported. Follow this guide if you need to adjust the monitor’s resolution.

IPVAULT2256PR HDMI 4k resolution

Camius 16 channel NVR has an additional HDMI output for a secondary monitor that you can customize.


IPVAULT2256PR HDMI 2 as spotout


Ports and Network Protocols of the PoE NVR

Camius NVR has different ports and network protocols that allow you to connect devices and manage your security system. It has one wired audio input and output, 16 wired alarm inputs, and one output. It also has an RS485 port that enables you to connect PTZ cameras. The NVR is compatible with network protocols such as DHCP, PPPoE, DDNS, UPnP, P2P, Static IP, RTSP, and FTP. You can connect the NVR to your network using the RJ45 100/1000 Base-T port. Additionally, the NVR has three USB ports that you can use to operate the system with a USB mouse, backup footage, export, and import system settings, and upgrade the firmware.


Live View, Recording & Playback

The 16-channel NVR is a powerful video recorder that offers users an exceptional live view and playback experience. With the ability to view and playback footage at resolutions of 4K with 60 frames, 4MP with 120 frames, and 1080P with 240 frames per second, this NVR delivers high-quality video for enhanced security. Additionally, the device supports a display split of 1 to 16 cameras or an auto-sequence, making it easy to select the best view on the TV monitor connected to the recorder or via a browser or software. This versatile device offers a range of display options to meet the needs of any security setup.

IPVAULT22566PR Recording schedule

Motion, PIR Detection

Camius NVR has smart motion detection features allowing advanced monitoring and security with Camius PoE cameras. With PIR detection, these cameras can detect even the slightest movement and trigger recording, alerting you to potential threats or suspicious activity. This technology enables you to keep an eye on your property and loved ones easily, no matter where you are. With Camius NVR Motion, PIR Detection, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected by the latest smart security technology.

You can enable PIR detection and deterrence for Camius spotlight cameras


IPVAULT2256PR Deterence enable siren

Intelligent Detection

Camius NVR comes with Sound Detection in Intelligent mode triggered when a sudden loud noise occurs near the camera; it alerts the user and records in Intelligent mode. You can set up alarms triggered by Sound detection, and if you click on ‘Intelligent,‘ make sure to enable Sound detection by checking the switch box.


AI functions

Camus’s IP cameras offer detection using AI analysis. It goes beyond video motion detection, allowing the user to create zones for detecting movement patterns, location, etc. You can activate one of the AI detections to get precise reports and analytics. AI Detection will trigger recording, email, or push notifications in addition to video recording in a unique color and tag.

AI Detection includes:

  • Human & Vehicle Detection (PD & VD)
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID)
  • Line Crossing Detection (LCD)
  • Cross Counting (CC)
  • More AI functions are in the Beta version

You can enable Human & Vehicle Detection in AI mode and then allow push notifications on your mobile app. Make sure to select Schedule and save it.


Camius Vehicle Detection

4K NVR software

NVR PoE camera system goes beyond the HDMI monitor and smartphone app. The free NVR software (VMS) can turn any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. Users can monitor live video and audio streams in addition to playback and manage cameras with access to device settings. This software is excellent for multiple installations as it can combine cameras connected to a Camius NVR and individual Camius cameras on one screen. The software also displays Up to 128 cameras on the same screen and manages multiple devices from different locations.

Camius DVR NVR IP camera software

Camius View App

The Smartphone Security Camera App Camius View offers complete access to your cameras from any location. Click here on how to add your security cameras to the app. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android App stores and is ready to link to your security cameras. You can use your smartphone security camera App to view and playback any Camius security camera, listen to audio, and control the system entirely, including restarting it remotely.

You can control your NVR system using your smartphone or tablet.

camius view configuration

Camius View system

General information

  • Built-in power supply AC 100~240V
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13.4 x 2.7 ” / 380 x 340 x 68 mm
  • Order model # Camius IPVAULT2256PR 8TB HDD

What’s in the box:

  • 16 Channel NVR with pre-installed two 4TB hard drives (IPVault2256PR 8TB)
  • Power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • Network cable
  • USB mouse
  • Installation guide

Add-on PoE cameras and cables

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Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions20 × 16 × 8 in
Recorder Type

NVR for IP cameras

Recorder Channels

16 IP

Recorder Built-in PoE Ports


Recorder Total Bandwidth


Recorder Internal SATA Ports


Recorder eSATA Port


Pre-Installed Storage

8TB (4TB x 2)

Recorder Storage Capacity

30TB: 2 x Internal SATA (max. capacity 10TB each), e-SATA (max. capacity 10TB)

Recorder Cloud Storage

Dropbox or Google Drive

Recorder Email Alerts


Recorder Ethernet Port


Recorder Video Analysis


Recorder Video Output

HDMI1 for a primary monitor, HDMI2 for a secondary monitor, VGA

Recorder HDMI Cable


Recorder Mouse


Recorder Power

AC input: 100-240V ~ / 3.5A (Max) 50/60Hz / DC output: +12V/7A , 53V/4.53A / Max. consumption: 280W

PC Software


Mac Software


Android App

Camius View

iOS App

Camius View

Browser Access


Recorder PTZ RS485 Port


Recorder SMART HDD Check


Recorder Video Compression

H.264, H.265, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG

Recorder Wired Alarm I/O

16 in / 1 out

Recorder Wired Audio I/O

1 in / 1 out