PIR Detection and PIR Push Notifications

Question:  I receive my PIR push notifications. When I click the play button, it takes me to Live View. Why don’t I see the footage of the event that triggered the push notification? 


To have playback of events for which you receive Push Notifications, make sure you have the latest version of the Camius View App and follow the below steps: 

  • On the NVR interface, move the mouse cursor to the bottom left, click the main menu button, and then click Setup. 
  • Set the recording schedule under Setup >> Record >> Record >> Record Schedule. Here you can click on the PIR button on the right and then click and drag in the cells to pick hours and days; then you can copy to other channels, and don’t forget to click Apply 

The below picture shows the NVR interface when the recorder is connected to a monitor via HDMI:

IPVAULT1128PR recording
Playback PIR push notifications events 11

The below picture shows The NVR’s interface via a browser

Camius record schedule scaled
Playback PIR push notifications events 12

  • On the NVR’s interface, ‘Record Switch’ is enabled on PIR: It’s under Setup >> Alarm >> PIR >> Record column >> Enable 

The below example is based on Camius 8 Channel NVR (IPVAULT1128PR)

1128P PIR alarm
Playback PIR push notifications events 13

Please note that PIR notifications that take about a minute or less to get sent to Live view the recorded event are getting prepared. 

Playback PIR push notifications events

A PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor can give false alarms due to a variety of reasons, some of which are:

  1. Environmental factors: PIR sensors can be triggered by changes in temperature, such as moving sunlight or heat from a heater, air conditioner, or other electronic devices.

  2. Electrical interference: Electrical noise, such as that caused by nearby power lines or other electronic devices, can also cause false alarms.

  3. Obstructions: Objects, such as curtains or blinds, can obstruct the sensor’s view, causing it to detect false motion.

  4. Pets: Animals, such as cats or dogs, can trigger the sensor if they move within its range.

  5. Insects: Insects, such as flies or mosquitoes, can also trigger the sensor if they fly within its range.

  6. Reflections: Reflections, such as those caused by shiny surfaces, can cause false alarms.

To avoid false alarms, it is important to fine tune your PIR detection settings selecting the right sensitivity level based on the installation site, away from any obstructions and sources of interference, and that it is set up to ignore small animals or insects.

That said, the Camius PoE camera system equipped with more detection functions to get the best results which are

  • Smart Motion Detection when you can select the target detection between only video motion or vehicle and/or pedestrian detection (follow this guide on motion detection)
  • Intelligent Detection such as Sound or Stationary Object Detection
  • AI Detection that includes Human & Vehicle, Line Crossing, Perimeter Intrusion, Rate Sound, etc