4K 16 Channel NVR Recorder, without HDD – IPVautl2320P16N



Camius 4K NVR 16 Channel Video recorder allows adding up to 16 Camius PoE audio and video surveillance IP cameras. The security NVR supports one of the highest bandwidths in the industry, 320 Mbps (megabits per second). H.264 and H.265 video compression. The NVR Fits 2 (two) internal SATA hard drives and an eSATA port to add external storage. The list of compatible hard drives is available at this link

What you get:

  • IPVAULT2320P16N  (16 channel NVR recorder without any hard drive allowing you to install your own storage)
  • HDMI cable, Network cable, USB mouse, Installation guide
  • A user manual is available in PDF form in our support section.

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Camius IP camera solutions include the latest 16 channel NVR recorder (network video recorder) with 16 built-in PoE  (LAN) ports. This Network Video Recorder is designed for centralized recording and remote access of your IP security cameras. Thanks to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, a PoE-enabled IP camera is wired using a single Cat5e (or more comprehensive Cat6, Cat7) ethernet cable. Our NVRs support ultra HD 4K video resolution and real-time recording of audio and video surveillance cameras. Using built-in P2P (pier-to-pier) technology or DDNS, they connect to the mobile phone app, software to watch live, or check footage playback remotely from where you are. Camius security network video recorder can also be set to send you motion-activated smart push notifications or email. You can buy your security NVR with a hard drive or without it, based on the budget you set for your purchase.

16 Channel NVR recorder bandwidth

  • 4K NVR 16 Channel recorder allows adding up to 16 PoE audio and video surveillance cameras
  • The security NVR supports high bandwidth up to 320 Mbps (megabits per second)
  • Supports H.264 and H.265 video compression
  • 64K~16M bitrate


  • 16 Channel NVR system accepts up to 16 Camius IP PoE cameras
  • Built-in 16 Ports LAN (Power-Over-Ethernet) interface allows plug-n-play Camius IP video security camera installation
  • Other manufacturers Onvif compliant IP cameras are installed using an external PoE network switch

DIY Camius Security Camera System Installation

  • Connect IP camera to your 4K NVR 16 Channel with a network cable using power-over-ethernet (PoE) technology.
  • A single wire delivers power, audio, plus video.
  • You can use Cat5, Cat6, or a higher network wire for your installation.
  • Camius NVR automatically assigns an IP address to each Camius IP security camera. No more complicated IP configuration.

Compatible IP Cameras

  • This NVR HD security camera system is fully compatible  with Camius 1080p to 4K PoE Camera
  • Other manufacturers Onvif compliant IP cameras’ functionality may be limited.


  • The 16 Channel NVR fits two internal SATA hard drives up to 8 Terabyte capacity each
  • One external e-Sata port for an external storage
  • The security camera system allows saving images or footage to an FTP, Cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive)
  • Follow this guide about installing hard drives in the NVR


  • Camius security camera system NVR is equipped with a high-quality HDMI video output to deliver video with a resolution of up to 4K.
  • To get a 4K video, users must have a 4K compatible monitor.

Ports & Network:

  • Connect your 16 channel NVR recorder to the monitor using HDMI or VGA cable. HDMI is capable of delivering 4K video 3840*2160. The monitor must be adjusted to 4K resolution.
  • 1 Wired Audio Input and 1 Output
  • 16 Wired Alarm Inputs and 1 Output
  • RS485 port
  • DHCP, PPPoE, DDNS, UPnP, P2P, Static IP, RTSP, FTP network protocols
  • RJ-45 port (100/1000M)
  • 1 x 3.0 USB ports for backup footage/upgrade, 2 x 2.0 USB ports for a USB mouse

Live View & Playback

  • The16 channel NVR recorder can display and record IP audio and video surveillance cameras with resolutions up to 8 Megapixels
  • 4 Channels with 4K video, 8 Channels  with 4 megapixels, 10 Channels  with 3-megapixels, 16 Channels with full HD 1080p video resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Supports 1 to 16 camera display split. You can select the best view on the TV monitor directly connected to the security video recorder using software compatible with PC and Mac.

Advanced Features

The 16-channel NVR recorder allows users to choose the best recording mode. They can customize recordings triggered by motion detection, or you can opt just for continuous recording. For some, it could be recording scheduled at a certain time of the day. You can also search footage using Playback with Date & Time, Event List, and Smart Search. The NVR administrator can set up multiple user accounts with authority levels. The NVR also supported Logs Management, Motion, and Sound Detection, E-mail alerts, and System Auto-reboot. You can restore the 16-channel NVR to default settings and save snapshots to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

4K NVR with Intelligent & AI Analytics

4K NVR 16 Channel recorder is capable of Intelligent Video Analysis. You can apply smart video detection features to trigger recording, send an alert, and analyze the footage. Among those video analytics features is Sound detection. It applies in use with certain Camius Intelligent IP cameras. In addition, the 16-channel NVR network video recorder comes with AI detection such as Human & vehicle and more.

Free NVR software

Camius security systems go beyond the HDMI monitor and smartphone app. The free NVR software can turn any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. Users can monitor live video and audio streams in addition to playback and manage cameras with access to device settings. This software is excellent for multiple installations as it combines cameras connected to a Camius NVR and individual Camius cameras on one screen. The software can display Up to 128 cameras on the same screen and manage multiple devices from different locations.

Camius View App

The Smartphone Security Camera App Camius View offers complete access to your cameras from any location. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android App stores and is ready to link to your security cameras. You can use your smartphone security camera App to view and playback any Camius security camera; 2-way audio is available for supported cameras (SPOT828A-R), allowing the user to press, talk, and listen to audio. You can remotely activate the spotlight and siren for supported cameras to deter threats. Follow this guide on how to add the NVR to the Camius View app

General information

  • Built-in power supply AC 110~240V (16 Built-in PoE ports)
  • Dimensions 15 x 12.5 x 2” / 381 x 318 x 51mm
  • Order model # Camius IPvault2320P16N (without a hard drive)

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions20 × 16 × 8 in
Recorder Type

NVR for IP cameras

Number of Channels

16 channels

Recorder Analog Channels


Recorder Built-in PoE Ports


Recorder IP Channels


Recorder Total Bandwidth


Recorder eSATA Port


Recorder HDMI Cable


Recorder Cloud Storage


Recorder Email Alerts


Recorder Ethernet Port


Recorder Video Analysis


Recorder Video Output


Recorder Mouse


Recorder Remote Control


Recorder Power


PC Software


Mac Software


Android App

Camius View

iOS App

Camius View

Browser Access

IE, Chrome (IE Tab), Safari (certain versions)

Pre-Installed Storage


Recorder Internal SATA Ports


Recorder PTZ RS485 Port


Recorder SMART HDD Check


Recorder Storage Capacity

2 x 8TB each

Recorder Video Compression


Recorder Wired Alarm I/O


Recorder Wired Audio I/O