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Difference between CVBS, AHD, CVI, TVI 4 analog camera connections and the best compatible DVR recorder

Analog Camera Types

HD CVI analog camera connection and the AHD and HD TVI belong to the latest HD CCTV, a new open standard for trait HD digital video over coaxial cable. HD CCTV doesn’t require changing the existing coaxial cable infrastructure, and it is only a matter of replacing the camera and a security camera recorder. Camius TRiVault series security camera recorders support regular CVBS analog cameras and AHD, HD TVI, and HD CVI camera connection types.

Click here for the latest Camius 4K analog security camera, which supports all 4 modes, including CVBS, AHD, CVI, and TVI.

Camius slide FB4KAOC 1279 x 399

If you are looking to upgrade your old analog DVR system with coaxial wiring, Camius offers 4K DVR replacement solutions that will allow you not only to continue using your low-resolution analog cameras but also will upgrade to 4K cameras, including digital network IP cameras with audio recording, deterrence, AI detection up to 12 and 24 channels.

8 channel DVR (use your own hard drive, including SSD up to 10TB capacity)

8-channel DVR with 3TB hard drive

8-channel DVR with 4TB hard drive

16 channel DVR (install your own internal and external storage up to 30TB capacity)

16 channel DVR with 4TB hard drive

CVBS camera 

CVBS stands for “Composite Video Blanking and Sync.” It is a conventional analog signal delivered through an analog  BNC connector. It also can be delivered through an RCA connector or other types (older cameras sometimes used a PL-259 connector). CVBS  signal can support max. 960H video resolution. 960H represents the number of horizontal pixels in a video signal transmitted by a camera or by a security camera recorder DVR (Digital Video Recorder). 960H represents 960 x 576 (PAL) or 960 x 480 (NTSC) pixels; you can compare it with the lower D1 resolution providing 720 x 576 pixels (PAL), or 720 x 480 pixels (NTSC).

AHD camera

AHD stands for “Analog High Definition” and means an analog closed-circuit television video surveillance standard that uses a coax cable to transmit HD 720P and 1080P video from a security camera to a security camera recorder DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

HD TVI camera

HD-TVI means “High Definition Transport Video Interface” it is an Analog CCTV standard transmitted over coax supporting HD 720P to 3MP Video signal in real-time. HDTVI can support long-distance video transmission reaching up to 500 meters.

HD CVI camera

HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is an analog transmission standard-based over-coaxial cable delivering two HD video formats: 1920H or called otherwise, Full HD 1080P (1920×1080) & 1280H or called otherwise 720P (1280×720) through progressive scanning.

The Best Digital Video Recorder by Camius

In Camius, we offered our customers the Digital Video Recorders, which would accept the above four analog camera types and even more IP cameras.

The latest Camius DVR recorders are available with and without a pre-installed internal SATA hard drive.

4K Hybrid 8 Channel DVR for security cameras (without a hard drive)

The latest Camius TRIVAULT4K184R  is the perfect upgrade if you still have existing coaxial cables and power sources and even Analog cameras of various kinds like CVI, TVI, AHD, or CVBS. In addition, it works with IP cameras too. Audio processing and Intelligent Detection are also supported as remote app access and management. Camius Security DVR works with 8 (eight) analog and 4 IP security cameras. It allows viewing and recording up to 12 HD (high definition) security cameras. The security 8 (eight) channel DVR supports H.264 and H.265 video and G711a audio compression. You can install your own internal 3.5″ SSD SATA hard drive with a capacity of up to 10TB (10 terabytes).

Click here for Camius TRIVAULT4K184R details

4K 8 Channel Security DVR recorder with 4TB HDD, Analog 8CH BNC+4CH IP - TRiVault4K184R

12 Channel Hybrid DVR recorder with 3TB HDD (Hard Drive Disk)

Click here if you want a digital video recorder with pre-installed storage, ready to record out of the box. The bonus is that it comes not with a 1TB or 2TB hard drive, which is not enough for 4K video processing but 3TB ( three terabytes).

TRIVault184R 3TB HDD e1648417894950

4K 8 Channel DVR with 4TB Hard Drive

Finally, we also offer an option with a 4TB HDD. It is one of the best Business and Home Security DVRs, which can quickly turn into an IP NVR (network video recorder) due to its compatibility with 4K IP cameras. Here, you can find more details about Camius 4K 8 channel DVR with a 4TB hard drive.

Camius 8-channel DVR is compatible with all Camius PoE cameras, including 2K and 4K cameras with lights, siren, and audio.

Software and Apps with any Camius DVR

Monitor your system remotely from anywhere globally using a built-in P2P (peer-to-peer) service or static IP / DDNS with port forwarding. View and control your Camius system with video management software designed for PC and Mac users and the Camius View phone app for iOS and Android devices