How can I view only IP cameras on my Camius Hybrid DVR?

If you want to display only IP cameras on your Camius Hybrid DVR’s monitor, please follow the steps:

Navigate to the main menu to the left bottom corner of the screen and click Setup

Step 1: Select System >> General >> General. Select XVR mode  and hit Apply tab

TRIVAULT4K184R2 XVR MODE e1680423941367

Step 2: Navigate to Setup >> Channel >> Analog Channels (as shown in the attached picture). Unselect all the Analog Channels, which will restart your DVR. This should allow you to view only IP cameras on your monitor.

And when you want to add analog cameras to the same DVR, revisit Step 2 and select the analog channels you wish to enable

TRIVAULT4K184R2 analog cahnnels selected
Camius TRIVAULT4K184R2 - Analog Channels
image 1
Camius TRIVAULT4K2168R - Analog Channels
JPG 0018
Camius TRIVAULT4K2168R - Analog Channels

Step 3: Navigate to the bottom of the screen to access DVR’s quick tools panel and click on the view’s layout, and select four camera views or any other layouts you’d like to have. E.g., Camius 4K Hybrid 16-Channel DVR offers camera layouts with 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 cameras, and you can customize your display split.

image 2
Quick Tools Panel
TRIVAULT4K2168R layout 24 ip camera view
TRIVAULT4K2168R with 24 IP camera view

Step 4: To get to the group of IP cameras from IP CH1 to IP CH4, please hover with a mouse on the right side of the screen to see the arrow. Once you are at the arrow, you will see your 4 IP cameras.

JPG 0013
How can I view only IP cameras on my Camius Hybrid DVR?