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Advanced NVR Security Camera Systems

Camius NVR security recorders and PoE cameras are trusted by customers worldwide to provide high-quality monitoring for various settings, including construction sites, warehouses, retail stores, banks, and offices. Our NVR security camera systems include ready-to-install surveillance systems with 8 and 16 channel PoE NVR recorders and a 4K 32-channel NVR for larger applications. And with motion, sound, intelligent, and AI detection software, plus a smartphone app for easy access and monitoring, our security systems are designed to give you peace of mind. 

What is an NVR Camera System?

An NVR camera system is a sophisticated surveillance solution that employs digital technology to capture, store, and manage video footage from connected IP cameras. Unlike traditional analog systems, NVR systems encode and process video data in a digital format, enhancing the quality and efficiency of video storage and retrieval. These systems leverage IP (Internet Protocol) technology to transmit video streams over a network, enabling remote access and real-time monitoring through various devices. NVR camera systems offer scalability, allowing users to expand the number of cameras as needed quickly.

At Camius, we’re not like other brands. We’ve crafted a unique solution for those who have older coaxial wired closed circuit television systems (CCTV). Our Camius hybrid DVRs bring together two advanced technologies – analog and IP. Check our hybrid CCTV camera solutions.

To determine which system best suits your needs, choose based on the number of channels supported by the Camius NVR (network video recorder)

View, Access, Manage & Record your Security Cameras from Any Device

Web browser compatible NVR camera systems

The latest Camius NVR security camera systems are compatible with modern web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

Camius security cameras offer more than just HDMI monitor and smartphone app capabilities. Transform your desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a continuous surveillance hub with the free NVR software. Monitor live video, audio streams, playback, and camera settings all in one place. Perfect for various setups, the software accommodates cameras connected to Camius DVR or NVR as well as standalone Camius cameras.

Access your cameras from anywhere with Camius View, the smartphone security camera app available on iOS and Android stores, enabling you to easily view, playback, listen, and even remotely control your Camius security cameras.